05/22/2014 01:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Community' Star Says Goodbye To Greendale, Hello To Brooklyn

She may have graduated from NBC, but now one "Community" alum is going for her PhD in HBO.

TVLine reports that Gillian Jacobs is set to star in a recurring role on HBO's "Girls." Jacobs will appear in the upcoming fourth season as Mimi-Rose Howard, making her debut in an episode simply titled "Mimi-Rose."

Jacobs last starred as Britta Perry on the NBC's "Community," which was canceled this month despite a spirited campaign to get a sixth season and a movie.

Though the sting of the cancellation is still fresh, Jacobs' return to TV should give "Community" fans cause for celebration.

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Season 4 of "Girls" premieres in early 2015 on HBO.