05/22/2014 09:35 am ET Updated May 22, 2014

8 Things At IKEA You Never Knew You Needed In Your Life 'Til Now (PHOTOS)

If there is one word to describe IKEA, aside from "stressful," it would be "comprehensive." There are more than just BILLY bookcases: There are thousands upon thousands of items. (We always were surprised by the live plant selection.) Even the most no-nonsense shoppers come out with at least three other miscellaneous items that were not on their shopping list.

After all, who would know to put these items on their lists? You don't know you want them until you pass them in the Marketplace, high off of the smell of meatballs.

  • A Lamp That Resembles One Single Surprised Eyeball
    Threaten your children with your own home version of the "Eye of Sauron." It will KNOW when the homework is done. FRYEBO LED table lamp, $25.
  • Curtain Panels Featuring A Weirdly Wistful Cartoon Couple
    Teach your children about "trial separation" whenever you open the drapes! LANGÖR Curtains, $25.
  • An "Acid Trip"-Themed Rug
    Animal with freakishly tiny feet! Orange disco ball! MÖBORG rug, $80.
  • A Startled Multicolored Sausage
    It says it offers great wrist support for playing computer games, but its real purpose is to brand you the "office weirdo." VÄNNERNA LANG Cushion, $10.
  • A Multicolored Sausage in "Evil"
    "What do you mean I can't have an intern this year?" VÄNNERNA LANG Cushion in green and gray, $10.
  • A Children's-Sized Wizard Cloak
    Slightly suffocating, like your parenting. VÄNNERNA Blanket in purple, $15.
  • Magic Crystals
    Made for "everyday sparkle," they are the preferred accessory to go with your Lisa Frank altar. STRALA Decoration, prism, frosted, $5 for three.
  • A Realistic Fish Pillow
    Does NOT come as part of a "My 'Lil Prop Comic" set. LISEL cushion, $15.

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