05/23/2014 02:09 pm ET Updated May 29, 2014

'G.I Joe' Stars Help Narrate A Father's Tribute Video To His Brave Kids

Armand and Autumn Rose Pogue aren't your average siblings. They have been on special covert missions, overcame health issues, and now, they star in a "G.I. Joe"-themed video narrated by two of the original actors.

In 2009, then 2-year-old Armand was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma -- a solid tumor, TODAY reports. Because of it, Armand suffered hearing loss.

Then, doctors diagnosed his sister Autumn with severe vision problems. Like her older brother, Autumn didn't let that stop her from succeeding. The kids, now 7 and 5, play together and practice archery. So, five years after Armand's battle with cancer, dad had an idea. “I can envision their lives as a movie trailer and that was rattling around in my brain,” Pogue told TODAY.

He decided to act on the idea and pay tribute to his kids with a "G.I. Joe" reel made just for them. Pogue met the show's original actors -- Bill Ratner who was the voice of Flint and Mary McDonald-Lewis who voiced Lady Jaye -- at a convention and asked them if they wanted to be involved over email.

“It was an unusual [request],” McDonald-Lewis told TODAY. “Usually what folks are asking for is an autograph.”

But the result is definitely better than an autograph. Armand, code name Relentless for his cancer fighting spirit, and Autumn, code name Blink for her ability to see and move fast despite her vision, get full "G.I. Joe" special ops treatment in the video above called "The Silence and The Darkness."

"It reflects our running inside joke that the kids have one good set of senses between the two of them, and also the fact that despite their challenges, you would almost never tell," dad wrote in the description.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly said Pogue's son's name was Armando. It has been corrected to Armand.



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