05/23/2014 12:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

QueerView May 23: A Look Back At The Week In LGBT News Stories

Each week HuffPost Gay Voices and HuffPost Live takes a look back at some of the biggest queer news stories from the past week. Check back every Friday for your "QueerView."

Gay Marriage Pioneers Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary
As more and more states begin to rule their bans on gay marriage unconstitutional, we take a look at the ten-year anniversary of legalized gay marriage in Massachusetts.

There's An 'Element Of Segregation' In South Africa's Queer Community
Gay men are now allowed to donate blood in South Africa.

Smelly Environment Can Increase Homophobic, Politically Conservative Views
The sense of smell is a powerful thing. Olfaction has been linked to motivation, emotion and even homophobia.

Gay Blogger: Listening To Adam Carolla Had 'Horrible' Effects On My Life
Micah Ranney started a blog to chronicle how terrible Adam Corolla is.

African-American Vs. Gay Civil Rights Is A False Choice
A coalition of black pastors filed an amicus brief in Michigan's gay marriage trial last Wednesday.

Unicorn Of The Week: LGBT Service Members
This week, QueerView celebrates members of the LGBT community serving in the military.