05/27/2014 12:54 pm ET Updated May 27, 2014

This Fan-Made 'Doctor Who' Trailer Is So Magical, It Will Give You Chills

The fandom surrounding the "Doctor Who" series seems never-ending, but now Whovians can hardly be contained with the fast-approaching August premiere of Series 8 on BBC One.

To promote Peter Capaldi's arrival as the 12th doctor, BBC has given fans a tiny glimpse into the upcoming series with a measly 15-second trailer showing, well, basically nothing.

Suffice it to say, fans were not satisfied, so one talented artist named John Smith went above and beyond to make every Whovian's dream come true.

Watch the video above to see Smith's trailer, simply titled "Rain," that seamlessly combines images of Capaldi, Jenna Coleman (playing companion Clara Oswald), the TARDIS and special effects up the hizzouse to "capture the magical side of the show."

The fan-made trailer has already swept through an impressed Whovian community, and now there is even fan fiction based on this fan video, based on a series that hasn't happened yet. Whoception, anyone?

If you loved "Rain," don't forget to check out Smith's other famed video "Wholock," where Sherlock meets the Doctor in an explosion of Steven Moffat overload.



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