05/27/2014 06:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dump Truck Driver Allegedly Attempts To Run Over Officer

A wild police chase on Southern California highways and city streets began Tuesday when a dump truck driver allegedly attempted to run over an officer.

California Highway Patrol cars began pursuing the dump truck, which was possibly stolen, after reports that an officer had been nearly run down in Ontario around 1 pm, according to NBC Southern California.

The chase traveled through parts of Riverside and San Diego counties, according to the Los Angeles Times, and at times the fleeing dump truck attained speeds of 80 mph, NBC reported.

The driver — who appears to be the vehicle's only occupant — sped down streets in the wrong direction at times, the station reported.

Police apprehended the suspect about two hours after the chase began, arresting him after he abandoned the truck in a gas station near San Diego.

The suspect was injured by a police dog used in the arrest, according to CBS San Diego.

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