05/28/2014 06:52 am ET Updated May 28, 2014

7 Things Introverts Wish Extroverts Knew

Everybody loves the back-slapping, gregarious you, right? You're able to stride confidently into a room and own it. It's just who you are -- the take-charge guy with the outgoing personality who is loved by everyone. In fact, didn't Carly Simon even sing about you in "You're So Vain?"

So for those who do think this song is about them, here are 7 ways you may be blind to how the rest of us see you:

1. At the neighborhood BBQ, you'll be running the grill 10 minutes after you arrive.
You might ask the host if he needs help but his answer won't matter. Within 10 minutes, that grill will be yours. You'll be taking orders and cajoling with guests lined up for their burgers and brew. You might even ask the host if you can borrow his apron and encourage him to "go socialize" with his guests -- you know, let him enjoy his own party. And here's the best part: People will appreciate you for doing it (at least in your mind.)

2. You always make sure you spend time with the quiet person at the party.
Sure, you'll wonder why your wife invited someone for whom engaging in conversation is like pulling teeth, but you will rise to the occasion. Quiet people may not give you much material to work with, but you excel at filling conversational gaps. Besides, every talker needs a listener, and who listens better than quiet people? (And let's not forget that talking to this quiet person is bound to score some points with the Mrs.)

3. You are always the unofficial team captain in a pickup game.
Soccer on Sunday mornings in the park or shooting hoops at the neighborhood playground -- it doesn't matter. Within minutes, you'll be running the show. It's just who you are: the organizer, even at events that are impromptu and by nature aren't meant to be organized.

4. You don't understand people who just want to stay home.
You call them things like "homebody" but really don't get it. If you gave it --or them -- more than two seconds' thought, you might actually wonder what people do when they stay home. If there's a party going on, why wouldn't they want to be there? You probably assume they weren't invited. Bummer for them, you guess.

5. You think it's fine that people call you "chatty."
When you were a kid, you'd be the one who always raised her hand in class -- you weren't even embarrassed when the teacher called on you and you had to say "Uh, I forgot!" Hey, it was funny, right? As an adult, you inject yourself in conversations much the same way. And yeah, it's just as funny. Ever wonder why everyone around you at work wears headphones?

6. You think it's OK to network 24/7.
Have you ever been mid-sentence when the cashier in the store calls out "Next!?" That's a sign that you are doing this. Not every encounter with the guy pumping your gas requires a conversation, exchange of business cards, or frankly, even eye contact. You think you are being friendly, but some of us would prefer the grocery line kept moving and we could thumb through the magazines in peace.

7. You sold used cars at at least one point in your life.
Hey, somebody has to do it, right? Actually, you thrive in situations like this because more often than not, you are oblivious to how people see you. You think they've enjoyed your chatting them up when in fact they are just too polite to extricate themselves from the situation.



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