05/28/2014 02:56 pm ET

Jason And Zach's Ideas Festival: Growing Synergy In The Hyperconnected Mindspace

Thomas Friedman once said, "We live in a hyperconnected world." Then he said it a thousand more times, and we noticed that The New York Times only kept giving him more money to keep saying it. So Zach Carter and I realized, "Hey, we can do that." And then we got to thinking, "Don't we have a responsibility to do that, actually?" Yes, we do. And so we created "The Jason And Zach Ideas Festival," where we attempt to ideate the next great game-changing innovations in the digital thoughtspace for the good of our shareholders and the good of humanity but mostly for the good of our shareholders, who, when you think about it, are our greatest thoughtfluencers in the thinksphere.

And we do it in 60 seconds, which is 60 seconds faster than our competitors who take 120 seconds to do the same task. I guess you could say that Zach and I are the most streamlined and efficient thought leaders in America, but don't take your word for it. Instead enjoy these two videos of innovative ideas just waiting for you to Kickstart them into being.

Check out the full clip from our "Eat The Press" segment on HuffPost Live on Wednesday, where Zach and I also discuss the recent criticism of Thomas Piketty's Capital In The Twenty-First Century and the effort to curb the effects of climate change in the state of Florida.