05/30/2014 05:53 pm ET Updated May 30, 2014

Couple Of 70 Years Shares Their Recipe For Marital Success

The couple that bakes cookies together, stays together.

JB and Sally Kight have been married for 70 years and are still as much in love as the day they met back in high school, reports KOB 4 News in New Mexico.

"We saw each other the whole time we was going to school together," JB explained. "I was a senior, she was a sophomore." The couple fell in love and got hitched, but like many young couples, were faced with an obstacle early on.

"He was in the army when we got married," Sally told the station. "They let him come home for a week before they sent him overseas, and then I didn't see you for how long?" she asked her husband.

Like it was yesterday, 91-year-old JB quickly responded, "20 months."

"20 months," 88-year-old Sally confirmed. Between the finishing each other's sentences and glancing at each other lovingly, it's clear after seven decades that the duo is still smitten.

So how do they do it?

"I have no idea," JB said laughing. "She's going to have to tell you what that was."

"I don't know what it was, we just got along," Sally explained.

They certainly did -- and still do. To this day, the couple bakes together using their very own special cookie recipe.

"I take a box of cake mix and start mixing it," JB said. "And she goes and throws stuff in and when it looks like it's ready then we put it in the oven."

Sounds more like a recipe for long-lasting love to us. Watch the video above to hear more of their story.

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