05/31/2014 10:50 am ET

This Instagram Is All About Braids And Dogs, So Obviously We're Obsessed

Ladies, it's official: Summer is here. And while that may mean beach weekends and tanned legs, it also means humidity and frizzy hair.

But don't get too upset, there is an easy solution: Braids. Braids are the best for many reasons, but primarily because they appear much more intricate than they actually are. Who wants to spend time using hair tools in hot temperatures, only to walk outside and have the humidity destroy that blow out? Not us.

When we came across Amber Fillerup Clark on Instagram, her badass braids gave us plenty of inspiration to last until fall. Though not all of these are entirely simple, some are totally doable, even for the hair novice. Oh and there is a cute dog in a few of the photos. So basically, we're sold.