05/31/2014 02:21 pm ET Updated Jun 02, 2014

Lea Michele Talks Drinking As A Toddler, Looks Back On Nose Job Criticism

In Italy and throughout Europe it's no biggie to let the whole family drink wine, even the kids.

Although Lea Michele grew up in America, her Italian family maintained the same traditions regardless -- because really, what's good Italian food without some good wine? When appearing on "Chelsea Lately" on May 29, the "Glee" star talked about how she began drinking as a toddler, which she first revealed in her book "Brunette Ambition." "I'm Italian, so at the dinner table it would be like Pellegrino, a jug of soda and a huge thing of wine," Michele said. "Everyone was just drinking wine, like it was part of what you would have along with your dinner."

Among other things the actress experienced in her youth, Michele recounted a time she met with a potential manager who wanted her to get a nose job at 15. "Obviously I didn't get it done," Michele said. "And wherever she is, she can go f-ck herself," Michele added, laughing. Watch the full interview with Chelsea Handler above.



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