06/02/2014 03:37 pm ET Updated Jun 02, 2014

This Diver Is Not Getting Attacked By A Shark (We Promise)

Nice sharky. Niiiice sharky.

In a video posted recently to YouTube, professional shark handler -- and we repeat PROFESSIONAL -- Cristina Zenato can be seen petting a Caribbean reef shark like it's a puppy.

"Sharing special moment with my favorite shark...calling her to my lap, just adore her!!!!" Zenato wrote in the comments under the post.

Zenato has done this kind of thing before and is known as "the shark whisperer."

Caribbean reef sharks are "not considered dangerous to humans unless provoked," according to MarineBio.org. "However, they are excitable and may make close passes at divers as well as bite in the presence of speared fish."

So maybe it isn't time to take the kids to the underwater shark-petting zoo just yet.

The video (seen above), titled "Taming the Untamed," was shot during Bahamas Underwater Photo Week. Elite Daily reported that Zenato wore a chain mail suit just in case.