06/02/2014 11:08 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How Frozen Yogurt Is Slowly But Surely Taking Over New York City

Ahhh, New York City. You're known for having some of the best cuisine in the world, which is no surprise considering the insane amount of restaurants you have in your five, unique boroughs. But something's happened to you, New York, and it's giving us a headache -- a brain freeze, to be exact.

frozen yogurt

Every time we turn our backs for just a SECOND, you go and replace a laundromat/donut shop/Duane Reed (just kidding) with another godforsaken froyo place. Sure, froyo used to be delicious (six years ago) but now it's just downright annoying. Lucky for all of us annoyed New Yorkers, one disgruntled force has taken to the streets, taken pics of NYC's ruin, and turned to Tumblr.

The Tumblr is aptly titled, "...and now it's a fuckingfroyoplace" and it has declared that it's "tracking New York's downfall" on both Tumblr and now Twitter. So next time you see a 16 Handles and think "Not again," don't get mad -- just snap a photo and express your anger here.

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