06/02/2014 09:17 am ET Updated Jun 02, 2014

Why The Elliot Rodger Is A Turning Point For Men

David McNew via Getty Images

I’m beginning to wonder whether the Elliot Rodger story, in the long run, might be a more important moment for men than for women. I don’t mean to devalue or diminish the collective display of female outrage, and female solidarity, that we have experienced in the aftermath of the Isla Vista shootings. Quite the opposite. But it is overwhelmingly – indeed, almost exclusively – men who commit mass murder of this kind and on this scale, and the poisonous misogyny of Rodger’s worldview is a distinctively male phenomenon. Is it possible to find women who genuinely hate men? No doubt it is; our culture is a big place. But I am unaware of any Internet communities where women gather to demean and stereotype men in the most vile and reductive terms, or openly indulge in fantasies about raping, humiliating and enslaving them. Can women commit rape, or violent spousal abuse? Certainly. But whatever fantasies the “men’s rights movement” chooses to propound, in statistical terms they hardly ever do.

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