06/03/2014 10:36 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'On The Precipice' Documentary Examines Violence Against Gay Men In Australia

A compelling new documentary is slated to hit American televisions that examines the chillingly examined deaths of a large number of gay men in Australia in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Called "On The Precipice," the documentary will air on the WORLD Channel and follows the family-fueled investigation of the death of Scott Johnson, an American, in December 1988 in Australia. Originally ruled a suicide, like many other suspicious deaths of gay men in the country during this period in time, his family would go on a decades-long search for social justice in order to understand what truly happened.

"The NSW justice system failed hundreds of families and victims of violence," Johnson's brother Steve Johnson told The Huffington Post. "It is time for an independent inquiry into what went wrong. An authentic acknowledgement of past mistakes is the only way to avoid repeating those mistakes. But we also believe that a broad investigation is the only way to connect the dots among these unsolved crimes that were linked in fundamental ways. Assaults were carried out by groups and were done repeatedly. In some cases, police turned a blind eye – or worse. An investigation that views these crimes as part of the same “wave” and honestly considers all possibilities – including police complicity – has a chance for bringing justice even today. It will certainly bring much-needed solace to many families like mine, and assurance to the gay community that they are indeed equal citizens with equal protection under the law."

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