06/04/2014 06:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Watch This Kind Man Save, Become Cuddle Buddies With Wobbly Fawn

This good Samaritan can check off saving two animals' lives from his to-do list.

Last week, Andy Wooten was at Lake Oconee in Georgia when he heard distressed wails. He sought out the source of the cries and found a newborn fawn trapped in vines in the lake. In the video above, Wooten plucks the adorable critter from the water and dries it off.

And as if that weren't enough, according to the video's YouTube description, the deer's brother was also in the lake about 10 yards away from the first fawn. Wooten repeated the whole rescue process with the second lil' guy.

Thankfully, the mama deer was nearby, and after the fawns were all warmed up, the little family was reunited.

Watch Wooten rescue the first fawn in the video above and watch both recovered newborns below.

h/t Right This Minute

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