06/04/2014 08:12 am ET Updated Jun 04, 2014

The Secret To Living A Long, Happy Life

We are often encouraged by friends, family, teachers and mentors to discover our true passion and channel it into the work we do, thus creating a life of fulfillment and satisfaction for ourselves. And the benefits of charting our own paths don’t stop there -- living passionately helps you live longer, too.

While we are aware of the importance of finding life's purpose, doing so can prove quite the challenge in itself. The Giving Blueprint founder Kimberly O’Neil and Rabbi Levi Brackman joined HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani today to discuss this personal journey, how it's never too late to uncover one's life purpose, and the best practices for getting started.

“If I look at what I thought my purpose was in my 20s versus my 30s and now I’m in my 40s, the crux of who I am has not changed -- but how I approach living that purposeful life has changed,” said O’Neil. “It’s changed based on experience, mentality and maturity. So I don’t believe that there’s any one given time, or you miss that window of opportunity to know how you can move forward in your purpose.”

When people ask Rabbi Brackman how to go about this search for meaning, he insists the answer is far simpler than they think.

“It’s really not that difficult but you need to do it slowly and intentionally, and you need to make a long-term goal,” he said. “Living a purposeful life doesn’t necessarily happen overnight, but if you don’t have a goal and know where you’re going to be and what that purpose is, you’re not even going to start.”

To hear more of their conversation on discovering life’s purpose, watch the full HuffPost Live clip in the video above.