06/04/2014 07:00 am ET

10 People Who Have No Business Being In The Kitchen

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We spend most of our days trying to convince people to get into the kitchen. "Cooking is fun, easy and so rewarding," we are constantly saying. There are so many great dishes you can only get if you make them yourselves, like this waffle ice cream tower cake.

The message we aim to get across 99.9 percent of the time is that people need to give cooking a try again. But there are some cases, friends, though few and far between, where we think individuals might want to consider getting out of the kitchen.

We're sure there will be plenty of you out there who disagree with what we are about to say -- you're probably the same people who think using pre-minced garlic is just as good as using fresh garlic -- but it has to be said. (We have complete confidence that you'll let us know how you feel in the comments below. And we welcome it.)

Some individuals just don't belong in the kitchen, and these are the 10 types of people we're talking about:

  • 1 Anyone who thinks pre-minced garlic is the same as using fresh garlic.
    Flickr: rmw421
    GET OUT!
  • 2 Hungry people.
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    Even worse, hangry people. They cannot be trusted.
  • 3 Jell-O happy folks.
    Flickr: sweetheartville
    Because they might do this in your kitchen.
  • 4 Chronic dieters.
    fcafotodigital via Getty Images
    The sight of butter could make them dizzy.
  • 5 Children under the age of five.
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    Because, com'on. It could be dangerous. And, GERMS.
  • 6 Those people who think McDonald's (or one of its competitors) makes the best burgers.
    Flickr: Phreddie
    That's just insanity -- and they don't deserve to eat real food. (Do we need to remind you of how good a real, homemade burger is??)
  • 7 People who use powdered buttermilk, freeze-dried parmesan or anything else that is as far as possible from being fresh.
    Flickr: Elvis Fool
  • 8 Pyromaniacs.
    Florea Marius Catalin via Getty Images
    Putting a pyromaniac in front of a gas stove is like setting a drink down in front of a recovering alcoholic. It's just mean.
  • 9 Cooks who think all vegetables should be soft.
    Flickr: Shimon Sandler
    No, no, no. Sure, we like our collard greens silky soft, but sometimes broccoli needs a little crunch and kale needs a bit of a bite to it.
  • 10 People who are, you know, "just not that into food."
    Kelvin Murray via Getty Images

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