06/04/2014 08:38 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'Trailblazers' Logo TV Special To Honor Jason Collins And 'Orange Is The New Black'

Bryan Bedder via Getty Images

Late last month we brought you the news that Logo TV was slated to launch a compelling new initiative to honor some of most influential individuals who have broken new ground in the quest for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality.

Called "Trailblazers," the program will be a one-hour special airing on Logo that features celebrities, politicians, activists and trendsetters actively working towards changing our culture for the betterment of the LGBT community, as well as performances by some of today's most prominent musicians.

It was previously announced that Edie Windsor and Roberta Kaplan would be honored during this special for their work helping to achieve marriage equality and the striking down a crucial part of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Today, Logo announced that Brooklyn Nets’ Jason Collins would also be honored, as well as the groundbreaking Netflix original series "Orange Is The New Black."

“It is an honor to be included in the company of Edie Windsor and Roberta Kaplan in Logo’s celebration of our progress towards LGBT equality,” Jason Collins said in a statement. “We are proof that the actions we make, big or small, can have a positive, global impact on our community.”

"Trailblazers" will premiere on Thursday, June 26 -- the week of the 45th anniversary of the historic Stonewall riots and the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court striking down part of the Defense Of Marriage Act.

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