06/06/2014 05:41 pm ET Updated Aug 12, 2014

The 10 Best Cities In America To Be Single (And Ready To Mingle)

Do you ever find yourself standing at a bar, talking to the same coupled-off friends you always do, while inside screaming, "Where are all the single people?"

Well, luckily for you, Rent.com compiled data on America's cities to discover the best place for singles. They analyzed the percentage of unattached men and women aged 20 or over, then factored in the availability of nightlife, the safety of the city and the propensity for people to actually go out and do things like dance, bar hop, and attend concerts.

Here are the top 10 cities to be single:

  • 1 San Francisco, California
    <strong>Population:</strong> 813,433<br><strong>Percent Single: </strong>38 percent<br><br><strong>Fun Fact: </strong>San Fra
    Source: Rent.com
    Population: 813,433
    Percent Single: 38 percent

    Fun Fact: San Francisco has an annual 12K race called Bay to Breakers where people dress up in costume, run and then party afterwards. It's awesome.
  • 2 Manhattan, New York
    <strong>Population: </strong>1,572,295 <br><strong>Percent Single:</strong> 38 percent <br><br><strong>Fun Fact: </strong> At
    Population: 1,572,295
    Percent Single: 38 percent

    Fun Fact: At the annual Big Apple BBQ Block Party, people pretty much stuff their faces with BBQ and listen to live music in Madison Square Park.
  • 3 Washington D.C.
    <strong>Population:</strong> 623,996 <br><strong>Percent Single:</strong> 38 percent <br><br><strong>Fun Fact: </strong> Ever
    Population: 623,996
    Percent Single: 38 percent

    Fun Fact: Every Friday in the summer, the National Gallery of Art hosts “Jazz in the Garden,” which brings out tons of music lovers.
  • 4 Boston, Massachusetts
    <strong>Population:</strong> 632,091 <br><strong>Percent Single: </strong>33 percent <br><br><strong>Fun Fact: </strong> With
    Population: 632,091
    Percent Single: 33 percent

    Fun Fact: With Harvard, MIT, Boston University, and Boston College all located here, you're bound to meet someone sexy and smart!
  • 5 Seattle, Washington
    <strong>Population:</strong> 627,704 <br><strong>Percent Single:</strong> 30 percent <br><br><strong>Fun Fact: During the</st
    Population: 627,704
    Percent Single: 30 percent

    Fun Fact: During the annual Seattle BunnyCon, people dress up like bunnies and go bar hopping all in the name of charity.
  • 6 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    <strong>Population:</strong> 1,543,884 <br><strong>Percent Single:</strong> 26 percent <br><br><strong>Fun Fact: </strong> <a
    Population: 1,543,884
    Percent Single: 26 percent

    Fun Fact: Morgan's Pier, which opens every summer season, is an outdoor beer garden where singles can imbibe on craft beer and delicious cocktails while looking out over the Delaware River.
  • 7 Minneapolis, Minnesota
    <strong>Population:</strong> 389,314 <br><strong>Percent Single:</strong> 25 percent <br><br><strong>Fun Fact: </strong> <a h
    Population: 389,314
    Percent Single: 25 percent

    Fun Fact: Open Streets Minneapolis is a cool event where the city designates certain streets at certain times to be car-free so residents can explore their city in a whole new way -- walking, biking, blading, etc.
  • 8 Portland, Oregon
    <strong>Population: </strong>605,247 <br><strong>Percent Single:</strong> 24 percent <br><br><strong>Fun Fact: </strong> <a h
    Population: 605,247
    Percent Single: 24 percent

    Fun Fact: Waterfalls. Hiking trails. Kayaking. These are all normal-life things for Portlanders. Not to mention: craft beer.
  • 9 Jersey City, New Jersey
    <strong>Population: </strong>252,335 <br><strong>Percent Single:</strong> 23 percent <br><br><strong>Fun Fact: </strong> Four
    Population: 252,335
    Percent Single: 23 percent

    Fun Fact: Four times a year, Jersey City puts on "JC Fridays" -- a citywide festival of free arts events where people can check out local artists and listen to live music.
  • 10 Chicago, Illinois
    <strong>Population: </strong>2,703,788 <br><strong>Percent Single:</strong> 23 percent <br><br><strong>Fun Fact: </strong> Mu
    Population: 2,703,788
    Percent Single: 23 percent

    Fun Fact: Music festival Lollapalooza happens in Chicago every year and attracts big name bands and over 160,000 people.

All stats and demographics were provided to Rent.com via Onboard Informatics, a data and technology company.

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