06/07/2014 12:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Son Follows Through On Boyhood Promise To Dad, Gives Him A '57 Chevy For His 57th Birthday

When Mike King was only 8 years old, he promised to buy his dad, Roger, a 1957 Chevy Bel Air for his 57th birthday.

"[My dad] grew up poor in a family of 7 children," Mike explained in a Reddit post on Friday. "He never thought he would be able to own his dream vehicle but would talk about it all the time."

Now a grown man with a son of his own (and another on the way), Mike has followed through on the promise he made so many years ago, buying his dad the classic Chevy he'd always dreamed of. Mike published a video of the touching reveal on YouTube earlier this week, and we're warning you: It's a tearjerker.

In the video, Mike has lured Roger outside the garage housing the Chevy under the guise of fixing a yard game. When Roger notices the classic car, he looks at his son in shock and then erupts in tears as Mike says, "Happy birthday." The two embrace and then walk over to examine the car. Roger leans over and gives the Chevy a kiss before climbing into the driver's seat.

"This is real?" Roger says with a mile-wide grin, looking back at his son through the tears in his eyes. "This is real."

Mike had worked 60-hour weeks for several months so he could afford to buy the car, which he kept hidden in his garage for the past two years.

"It was actually easy keeping him out of my garage," Mike added in an update to his original Reddit post. "I barely use it so there was no need to have it open or get in it when he was around."

The video has gone viral, eliciting heartfelt responses across the Internet. One Redditor wrote:

As a father, the most touching part for me is the promise of an 8 year old boy fulfilled. Man, for your dad to see that car in the garage, just like you told him it would be...I guarantee he was instantly transported back to see that little 8 year old kid in you. And he realized two things....1) You love him. And you loved him as a kid. 2) He raised a good man. And that's the best birthday gift any dad could ever ask for.

Happy (almost) Father's Day, everyone.

WATCH the video, above. PHOTOS of the '57 Chevy, below:



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