06/08/2014 11:47 am ET Updated Jun 08, 2014

Today Is The Day You Finally Learn How To Fold A Fitted Sheet (VIDEO)

The one question that routinely gets asked of our Home editors is this: How do I fold a fitted sheet? On the one hand, it's encouraging that people care about the proper storage of their bed linens. On the other hand, on the home chore scale, folding sheets is maybe a 2 out of 10 in terms of difficulty. Stuffing a duvet cover quickly and properly without inserting oneself inside the cover or ending up with a mysteriously empty corner...that's about an 8. I know what many of you are going to say: "DUVET cover? Where I come from, we just have comforters! So pretentious!"*

Instead of launching into a further Andy Rooney-esque screed, I will direct you to this simple video, which is going viral in a head-scratching way. This is how you fold a fitted sheet.

*A side-note: Duvet covers are incredibly practical because they protect your beloved down or faux-down comforters, like a pillowcase protects your pillows. It also makes laundry easier, because you just have to wash the duvet regularly instead of a giant comforter. Get with the program.



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