06/09/2014 06:38 am ET Updated Jun 09, 2014

These Are All The Foods You Can Get Delivered By Drones


Food delivery is one of the great joys of modern society. You can order whatever kind of food you want and have it delivered to your doorstep to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, without ever having to lift a finger -- after the finger you lifted to select your Seamless order. Delivery has become so commonplace, especially if you live somewhere like New York City, that it's not even that exciting anymore. Don't get us wrong: delivery's awesome and all, but it's also somewhat lackluster. (Dare we say it's sometimes even depressing?) We've become so accustomed to food delivery that we take it for granted. We're lazy, and it's boring.

The recent wave of drone food delivery has brought some color into the otherwise mundane world of food delivery. What started with tacos and burritos a few years ago has escalated to Champagne and bottle service in 2014.

If you think there's something eerie and ominous about food delivery by drone, you're not alone. We don't want food delivery drones dominating our future any more than we want Soylent. They're a fun novelty, but that's about as far as it goes. If they can be put to good use, like delivering food to people in need, then amen, we're all for food delivery by drone. If they're serving overpriced bottles of booze to rich kids at a club, we're not interested.

While the use of commercial drones is a complicated and as of yet unsettled issue, earlier this year the National Transportation Safety Board dismissed a fine given by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to a man using a drone to shoot a promotional video. The ruling made drone use for commercial purposes legal, at least for now. Last week the Wall Street Journal reported that the FAA is considering approving drone use for seven film and television companies. While the FAA hasn't decided anything yet, this review opens up the possibility of extended permissions for drone use.

What all of this means right now in the universe of food delivery is that you can legally receive beer from a drone, in addition to whatever else the predictable onslaught of entrepreneurs will cook up. Whether or not food delivery by drone catches on quickly enough before it gets shot down again remains to be seen. For now, here are eight things you can theoretically catch from the sky, at least according to videos on the Internet.

Food and Beverages You Can Get Delivered By Drone

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