06/10/2014 12:54 pm ET

Eagle Flies Into Woman's Living Room, Refuses To Leave (VIDEO)

A British woman found herself with an unexpected houseguest Sunday.

While watching the French Open, Wendy Morrell was shocked when an eagle flew into her living room and joined her and her friend for the sporting event, BBC News reports.

The bird, later identified as a Steppe eagle, entered the Dorset home through an open entryway. After momentarily fluttering about, the eagle settled on a cabinet and refused to leave.

"It is a hot day so we had the doors open and were watching the tennis. Then suddenly all hell broke loose in our living room," Morrell told The Daily Echo. "This enormous black thing flew in and the dogs went absolutely berserk."

Morell called authorities, who directed her to the Wessex Bird and Prey Rescue. Bird handler Jon Ball arrived at the house shortly thereafter and attempted to coax the bird down from its perch. After about 30 minutes, he was finally able to secure the eagle on his arm and return the bird to its owner.

"When we got a call to say there was a large bird in a living room, I thought it would be a sparrowhawk," Ball said, according to The Telegraph. "I was pretty stunned when I arrived to find this massive eagle."

Apparently, the owner of the bird, which is native to eastern Europe, was training the Steppe eagle to fend off seagulls when his pet took off and later flew into Morrell's home.

See raw footage of the eagle in the living room, below.



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