06/10/2014 09:44 am ET Updated Jun 10, 2014

Kids Lose Their Minds When Michael Jordan Enters The Classroom (VIDEO)


By Chris Yuscavage, Complex Sports

When the Charlotte Hornets first posted the video above earlier this morning, we thought, "Kids losing their minds when Michael Jordan walks into their classroom? Meh. No big deal." But then, we sat back and thought about it and realized just how crazy it is to see kids go this crazy over a guy who was retired from the NBA long before they were even born. Hell, most of these kids look like their parents probably hadn't even met when MJ last suited up for the Wizards. And yet, they went bananas today when he walked in for a visit at their school.

MJ left the kids a pretty cool gift, too. Just check out what he did for them in the photo below:

Not a bad way to start off a Monday morning, eh?

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[via Black Sports Online]