06/11/2014 05:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gilbert Gottfried Compares Bowe Bergdahl To Nancy Kerrigan

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried has never been one to mince words, and his musings on Bowe Bergdahl in a HuffPost Live interview on Wednesday were no exception.

"He's perfect for nowadays," he said of the rescued soldier who's now facing accusations of being a deserter. "When we freed him, everyone could go on the internet and go, 'Hooray! He's an American hero!' And then we find out he's no good, [everyone says], you know, 'fuck him.'"

"I wish it had gone on a little bit longer for him to be a hero so, 'ya know, people would've had more time, and then they would've hated him even more when they found out he was a traitor," he added.

The "Problem Child" actor likened the fluctuating reaction towards Bergdahl to that of figure skater Nancy Kerrigan after she was sabotaged by Tanya Harding, her Olympic competition, in 1994.

"It's kind of like when Nancy Kerrigan got hit in the knee and she was made into this princess -- you know, attacked in the knee by the evil witch," he recounted. "And then, once she was a princess, then they started writing about her -- 'no, we've heard bad things. We heard she was frowning one day. We hate her.'"

Watch Gilbert Gottfried's full conversation with HuffPost Live below: