06/11/2014 01:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Little Hedgehog Is A Master Of Disguise

This little ball of spikes and cuteness is Marutaro, the hedgehog!

Marutaro is not your average hedgehog -- he is a master of disguise and deception. See below how he expertly assumes different identities.

Who is this dude with the goatee? Excuse me ma'am, I'm looking for a hedgehog ... Wait a minute, that's not a duck. Got us again, Marutaro! He is so good at this.

#まるたろう #hedgehog #lion

— ハリネズミ★まるたろう (@hedgehogdays) March 24, 2014

When not in disguise, Marutaro also engages in different forms of hedgehog art.

Look at the talented little guy go!

To keep up with Marutaro and his many disguises, follow him on Twitter.

h/t Distractify

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