06/13/2014 01:42 pm ET Updated Jun 13, 2014

We're Not Sure If Nerf Guns Make The Gun Control Debate More Or Less Ridiculous

The current amount of gun violence in the United States is so devastating -- and the debate around it is so pervasive -- that even the comedy world is starting to make some hard-hitting points.

For instance, CollegeHumor stepped in to satirize the conversation with a sketch that shows just how ridiculous the argument against gun control truly is -- using none other than everyone's favorite nineties toy:

Nerf guns.

In the video, a group of office workers sit around a table having a chat, when a prankster with a Nerf gun bursts in and starts firing foam bullets at the group. Miffed, the victims begin to debate how to solve the "Nerf gun" problem.

"Ricky sent an email that nerf guns were allowed," complains a glasses-clad man. "Yeah, but it was a pretty ambiguous email that could be interpreted in a lot of ways," retorts a woman.

Decipher that one for yourself.

This is true hilarity with a point of view -- in the context of Nerf guns, the argument against gun control sounds as ridiculous as ever.



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