06/13/2014 03:33 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2014

Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon Is All Grown Up And Graduating High School

Where does the time go? Madonna's eldest daughter is already wrapping up her high school career.

Lourdes Leon, aka Lola, shared a sentimental post on fashion blog Material World on June 13, writing, "how very happy and slightly saddened I am that my high school years are now coming to an end."

The fashion-forward 17-year-old took a humorous trip down memory lane, looking back at her self-proclaimed "hip" attire choices of years past, before launching into the sentimental:

"I know that I was lucky enough to go to a truly exceptional high school that produces high quality shows and actually teaches you the craft of what you’re studying. It's weird because so much more lies ahead -- yet it feels almost empty to wrap up high school," she wrote.

"Of course I’ll miss the friends that I’ve made and the family that makes up the drama department, but it’s really beautiful to be able to see all of the people I dearly love and care for, people that I grew up with for four years, go on and pursue their passions, whatever they may be, and find their place."

Leon also included an Instagram photo of herself smiling as she looks over prints from her Material Girl fashion line:

It's unclear exactly what school Lourdes is heading off to in the fall, but she and Madonna were spotted on a campus tour at the University of Michigan back in November 2013. Madonna herself briefly enrolled at the Ann Arbor school before moving to New York to pursue her singing career.

Best of luck to Lourdes in her future endeavors!



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