06/13/2014 02:56 pm ET

This 'OITNB' Inmate's '80s Pop Star Past Will Blow Your Mind

Hang up the phone! This "Orange Is the New Black" blast from the past might just blow your mind.

By now it's pretty well known many of the ladies at Lichfield Penitentiary had successful careers before finding themselves behind bars. Before Laura Prepon donned a sexy pair of glasses and hooked up with Taylor Schilling, she was everyone's favorite "That '70s Show" stoner. Prior to her communist take-over of the prison's kitchen, Kate Mulgrew captained the USS Voyager on "Star Trek." But it's cast member Annie Golden, who plays silent but sweet Norma, that might have the most interesting pre-"OITNB" bragging rights.

Golden proved she has serious singing chops when her character belted out a tune for the Christmas play episode in Season 1, but this oh-so-corny pop music video from 1984 is causing us to see the lovable mute in a whole new light. From neon tights to teased updos, bows, belts and a giant birthday cake, the clip that goes along with Golden's hit "Hang Up the Phone" is everything that was right -- and cheesy -- about the '80s rolled into one sugary sweet serenade about unrequited telephone calls.

And if the upbeat jingle sounds familiar, that's because it was featured in one of the greatest John Hughes coming-of-age movies of all time, "Sixteen Candles."

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