06/13/2014 10:21 am ET Updated Jun 16, 2014

Paraplegic Teenager Ditched Wheelchair For Awesome Robotic Suit To Kick Off World Cup

The 2014 World Cup is sure to include drama and emotion but there won't likely be a moment as inspirational as one that took place just before the kickoff of the opening game.

A unidentified teenager who is paraplegic wore a high-tech exoskeleton suit that enabled him to give the first kick of the famed soccer tournament. The teen wore an electrode cap that recorded his brain signals and sent them to the "Iron Man"-esque suit, thus enabling it to move.

Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, the Brazilian doctor and lead developer of this technology, said that as host of the games, Brazil has a unique opportunity to spotlight its innovation on a global stage.

"After we learned Brazil was hosting the World Cup, they asked me for ideas to show Brazil in a different way than the world usually sees it," Nicolelis said, according to Discovery News. "That's when I suggested doing a scientific demonstration to teach people that Brazil is investing and has human potential to do things beyond football."

Let the games continue.



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