06/13/2014 03:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Here Are 21 Things You CAN'T Bring Into World Cup Stadiums. Seriously, No Cameras?

The World Cup continues today with three more games. And here are some things FIFA won't let you bring into the stadiums...

1. Guns

hand gun


2. Any objects that could be remotely dangerous to other fans

umbrella in soccer stadium

No using your umbrella as a sword, sorry.

3. Bottles

broken beer bottle

4. Fireworks

fireworks in soccer stadium

Or artificial flames of any kind.

5. Drinks

water bottle in soccer stadium

6. Food

food in soccer stadium

7. Drugs


8. Any objects that are offensive to others

nazi flag at soccer stadium

9. Flags with big poles attached to them

soccer fan flags

10. And on that note, huge flags like these

soccer fan flags

11. Animals

dog in soccer stadium

What a buzz kill, FIFA.

12. Promotional clothing of any kind

promotional tshirt

If it's not FIFA sponsored, it ain't coming in.

13. Spray cans

spray cans

14. Voluminous objects

suitcase stadium

Who's trying to bring a suitcase into the stadiums anyway?

15. Toilet paper

toilet paper soccer stadiums

16. Objects that make noise

vuvuzela stadiums

Sorry, no vuvuzelas and caxirolas this year!

17. Laser pointers

laser pointers soccer stadium

18. Flour and all similar powder substances

powder stadium

19. Cameras

camera soccer stadium

20. Tablets

tablets soccer stadium

21. And any and all objects that could hinder security or be considered a fire hazard

chair in field soccer stadium

22. And maybe even... gum?

Note: This last point has been unconfirmed -- but wow!

For more of things you can't bring into the World Cup stadiums, here's the breakdown from FIFA themselves.

Now back to the games!

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