06/16/2014 10:51 am ET

'Feminist Bros' Are Very Concerned About The Lack Of Women In 'Expendables 3'

Meet Don and Tony. Don and Tony are bro'ing out about the "Expendables" franchise. The third installment is going to be "f*cking awesome" except for "one huge problem":

"Wait a minute -- where's all the women?"

Don and Tony, played by Jamie Kilstein and John Frusciante, are outraged that there is "only one woman in a summer blockbuster movie!" It is "an unfortunate statement on the greater state of affairs between men and women," Tony says. It's "the perfect statement solidifying that we live in a patriarchy," chimes in Don. Bringing in radical second wave feminism? Fist pump to Don.

Thoroughly disappointed by the film's trailer, Don and Tony still look forward to seeing "Princess Leia's boyfriend" (Harrison Ford) in action and have marked the films release on their "bell hooks calendars."

Kilstein told The Huffington Post that he and his Citizen Radio co-host Allison Kilkenny created "Feminist Bros" while "sitting around the apartment doing improv ... and doing bro voices talking about the feminism in the show 'Girls.'"

Kilkenny and Kilstein are "outspoken about rape culture and feminism" on their radio show and in their forthcoming book Newsfail, which touches on these subjects and other issues the authors feel mainstream media does not cover adequately. This earns them a lot of "horrible bros tweeting at us," Kilstein said. "We sorta loved the idea of these two horrible sounding bros being more progressive than a lot of bros on the left."

The brains at Citizen Radio plan to film more episodes of "Feminist Bros" for their YouTube channel, where there's no shortage of pro-woman hilarity including "The Mansplainer" and an instructive breakdown of male privilege.

There is plenty of material for "Feminist Bros" to cover. We hope they're not the only men who hope to see a few more "fleshed out" female characters in film, instead of "female characters with their flesh out," as Tony says. Amen brother.



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