06/16/2014 02:19 pm ET Updated Jun 16, 2014

'911 Cat' Finds Out What's Wrong With Him On 'My Cat From Hell'

Hopefully he's now feline better.

Lux became known as "911 Cat," after his owners called the cops on him for attacking their baby and subsequently trapping the entire family in a room. Now he's the subject of an episode of Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell"

The show's host/crazy cat aficionado Jackson Galaxy described Lux as one of the most challenging felines he's ever had to deal with.

"This cat had me over a barrel," Galaxy told the Today Show before the episode aired on Saturday. "Lux is challenged internally. ... He is physically really challenged. Emotionally challenged. At the end of the day, he was put in this situation that raised that challenge level to red flag. It was a lot of wrong place, wrong time."

The biggest problem for the Portland, Oregon, couple that Lux terrorizes is the threat he potentially posses to their toddler son, Jesse.

As Gawker notes, Lux has been kept in a "shitty room (literally, given the dirty litterbox) where he's been held captive since his violent outburst."

The infamous 911 call in March came after Lux scratched Jesse's forehead (after the child pulled Lux's tail).

The family is now grappling with the dueling desires to both keep the cat and also not fear for their child's life.

In the end, (SPOILER ALERT) Lux gets shipped off to a new family.

As for what's wrong with Lux, veterinarian Amelie Hatfield, of the Cat Hospital of Portland tells Galaxy that the cat likely suffers from hyperesthesia syndrome, "which can cause aggressive behavior," according to the Oregonian.

Now Lux is on meds and, thus far, behaving himself. So everyone's happy — for meow ...



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