Jon Stewart Says Obama's Iraq Critics Are 'Dead Wrong About Everything'

Here's a "greatest hits" album you won't find on iTunes anytime soon.

On Monday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart played clip after clip of President Barack Obama's toughest critics speaking out about Iraq. These clips were from 2001... 2003... and even last year. As we now know, much of what Americans were told back then was completely wrong.

So Stewart made a special offer:

"You can have all these memorable screw-ups and more. Just call now and order 'Now That's What I Call Being Completely Fucking Wrong About Iraq,'" Stewart said.

These same critics are again popping up on news shows, attacking Obama's Iraq policy. Stewart says the media has gotten the band back together -- so he's found them a lead singer.

Find out who it is in the clip above.

Oh, and if, like us, you can't get enough of Jon Stewart's Lindsey Graham impression, here's more:



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