06/18/2014 02:02 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2014

Jenny Slate Is Tired Of Talking About 'SNL,' So Stop Asking

When a featured player leaves "Saturday Night Live" after just one season, people tend to think that their careers have taken a huge hit, but the only hit Jenny Slate took after being fired was from her bong.

Slate dropped by HuffPost Live on Tuesday with director Gillian Robespierre to talk about their groundbreaking new movie, "Obvious Child," but first she cleared up a couple things about her early departure from "SNL."

Not only is she tired of being asked about it -- especially considering the success she's had with "Marcel the Shell" and her work on other TV shows -- but she doesn't understand why people make her out to be a victim.

"I'm not like a troll who has to live under a rock," Slate said, noting that she still collaborates with her "SNL" colleagues.

Slate is undeniably chill about the situation with "SNL." "On the day that I got fired," she said, "I ordered four pizzas, ripped into a bong and was like, 'Well, I don't know, man.' This is interesting."

The experience also gave Slate a perspective that just about everyone can benefit from accepting:

"It looks like I'm just gonna keep getting really, really happy and sad and embarrassed and excited and disappointed for the rest of my life, so let's just do that," she said.

Watch the clip above and hear more about "Obvious Child" in the clip below.



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