06/18/2014 04:25 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2014

Stephen Colbert Solves The GOP's Hispanic Problem, Welcomes 'Trans-Caucasians' To Party

The GOP may be having trouble connecting with Hispanic voters, but Stephen Colbert sees a way around that problem: more and more Hispanics should identify as white.

With immigration reform on the chopping block thanks to Eric Cantor's primary defeat, Republicans have their work cut out for them in 2016. But during his latest edition of "The Word," Colbert put the onus on minority voters, explaining that "being white is a choice" and that Hispanics should simply choose to be white.

He went on to note that being invited into the GOP tent isn't just an ethnic choice, women can also get in on the action.

"Ladies, you are welcome to join us, too. All you have to do is identify as male, which, of course, is the 'white' of genders," Colbert explained. "And once everyone starts seeing themselves as white males, conservatives can appeal to them by pointing out that they are under attack by the people they used to be."

Watch Colbert's mind-bending solution to basically everything above.



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