06/19/2014 02:04 pm ET Updated Jun 20, 2014

Smoothini The 'Ghetto Houdini's' Incredible Up Close Illusions Will Make You Gasp In Disbelief

What is this wizardry??

Some magic you can chalk up to sleight of hand and misdirection, but Smoothini's ability to perform incredible illusionsjust inches away from the eyes of the judges of "America's Got Talent" makes us wonder if something magical really is going on.

Self-titled Smoothini the Ghetto Houdini is actually Tomas De La Cruz, an ex-Marine who has been performing magic in Las Vegas for the past five years. He originally got his start in New York City performing close-up illusions with a mix of adult humor in Spanish and Japanese, but now his performance on "America's Got Talent" may have just propelled his career to the big leagues.

Each illusion will make you gasp, and question everything you know about ... reality.

Because magic exists, people. Magic exists.



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