06/23/2014 07:00 am ET

27 Questionable Pieces Of Cooking Advice That Were Actually Given In Earnest

The kitchen can be overwhelming. So we're grateful to the London-based guys behind Hero Of Switzerland, a blog that covers, among other things, Top Tips as published in tabloids. Here are 27 food hacks from their site that are sure to make your life, well, something different. Not saying easier. Actually, maybe you shouldn't try these at home at all.

  • 1 What better way to celebrate the World Cup than to bake it like Beckham:
  • 2 We're calling it the Whiskey Double:
  • 3 You can be the captain of caps:
  • 4 Breadgear hats save lives, are also delicious:
  • 5 A very specific treat for the person who hates chocolate while simultaneously craving an egg:
  • 6 Throw out the sandwiches because you'll win the office party with this treat:
  • 7 The champion of breakfasts:
  • 8 Cut time with this convo starter:
  • 9 Put a cork in this trick:
  • 10 Having egg on your face is embarrassing, but the reverse is just common sense:
  • 11 Start your day in this fruitful way:
  • 12 Say goodbye to those bulky salad spinners:
  • 13 Watch your weight while keeping your wallet fat:
  • 14 This works on food babies, too:
  • 15 Her friend's birthday wish was that she thought of this trick first:
  • 16 It hides their gift while keeping it crisp and fresh:
  • 17 This mouse is always allowed in our kitchen:
  • 18 Peel back each layer of this tip and your whole home will smell like onions:
  • 19 Bonus onion tip: the lifechanger
  • 20 Use your unique new nuts at noontime:
  • 21 Because sometimes making a pie is like pulling teeth:
  • 22 It's how James Bond likes his breakfast:
  • 23 Your cakes will give you a standing ovation:
  • 24 Turn your aquarium into this handy wet bar:
  • 25 #surprisesoup:
  • 26 For those nostalgic comforts of home:
  • 27 And when you're all done, it's time to put your dance moves on shuffle:

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