06/24/2014 10:38 am ET Updated Jun 24, 2014

Tennis Player Gave A Long Answer To A Question He Thought Was About Vampires (VIDEO)

Latvian tennis player Ernests Gulbis has given a lot of thought to the role of vampires in his sport, apparently. Speaking to reporters after his first-round victory at Wimbledon, the 25-year-old thought a member of the media asked him about vampires when the question was really about former tennis star John McEnroe's comments about getting rid up umpires.

What happened next was a bizarre response from Gulbis, in which he said he's "for freedom of choice" and how he wants to be able to say what is on his mind. When the reporter asked a follow-up, Gulbis realized that he misheard the first question and said he thinks tennis needs umpires.

"Get rid of umpires? My God I thought something else. I thought vampires. Vampires in the way that people who are surrounding and sucking the energy out of players. That's what I meant. Umpires. That would be a better comparison. Umpires? No. Without umpires it wouldn't work," Gulbis said while laughing before telling the reporter to delete his previous response.

Now, we know Gulbis is for umpires but against vampires.