06/25/2014 10:55 am ET

Anderson Cooper Can Barely Get Through This Segment On Vaginas

Anderson Cooper pushed through a "Ridiculist" segment about vaginas Tuesday night despite admitting that he is "no expert on the topic."

The CNN host was recounting the story of the American exchange student who got stuck inside a large vagina sculpture and had to be rescued on Monday. The only problem was that every time Cooper had to say the word "vagina," he burst out laughing.

"I am certainly no expert on the topic of...vaginas," he finally said after a minor giggle fit.

"But I know enough to know that you're not supposed to-- really?" he said, pausing and laughing before omitting the word completely, " go in feet first."

On the third try, however, Cooper was able to say the word without laughing or pausing.

"That's right, I said it out loud." he said. "Add that to the list of things you will not hear Charlie Rose say tonight."

Watch the video above for the full clip.