Police Officer Ramon Morales Rescues Woman From Train Tracks With Seconds To Spare

A Texas cop is being hailed as a hero after pulling an apparently suicidal woman off the tracks just seconds before a train came roaring through the intersection.

The Richmond Police Department said on Facebook that a passerby flagged down Officer Ramon Morales and told him that a woman was on the train tracks.

"As he approached the railroad crossing the warning lights and bell sounded for an approaching train," the police department wrote on Facebook. "Without regard for his own safety Officer Morales went on the tracks and pulled the female off shortly before the train arrived at the location. Officer Morales then kept the female from standing back up and running back to the train."

Video from the officer's dashcam shows the 27-year-old rookie cop racing out of his car to pull the sobbing woman to safety. Moments later, the train rushes past.

“As the video goes on, she asked him if he’s the one that pulled her off the tracks and he said, yes I am. And of course she said, why did you do that?” Sgt. L. Neinast of the Richmond Police Department told Click2Houston.com. “He was a little shaken up over the circumstances. I think even more so after he saw the video realizing how close it was.”

Morales, a former Marine, had little interest in claiming credit for his heroic act. The Houston Chronicle says he declined interviews, while KTRK says he gave credit for the rescue to the passerby who alerted him.

Despite the officer's modesty, the police department commended his actions.

"He did a great job and we're proud of him," Neinast told the station. "He's a hero."

The woman has been taken to a hospital for evaluation.



Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.