06/25/2014 09:06 am ET Updated Jun 25, 2014

Vanessa Hudgens Poses In Bikini After 8-Mile Hike Because Of Course

After a strenuous eight-mile hike, one's first thought might be to sit down and rest. Vanessa Hudgens, however, used the occasion to pose for a bikini photo.

Hudgens is currently in Hawaii and on Tuesday, June 24, she and a group friends headed out for a hike along the Na Pali Coast. Along the way, the former "High School Musical" star stopped to snap a selfie against a stunning ocean backdrop and to go zip-lining with her pals.

After eight long miles, the group reached a waterfall where Hudgens stripped down to her bikini and posed in the water.

"The 8 mile hike paid off," she wrote.