06/27/2014 10:41 am ET Updated Jun 27, 2014

Lorde Loves That Rihanna Is Fearless And Confident


Every time 17-year-old Lorde opens her mouth, we fall in love a little more.

This time, her eloquent words were on the topic of Rihanna in a recent interview with London Evening Standard's magazine.

"She’s just magnetic. You can’t not look at Rihanna. I would buy anything Rihanna sold me," she said. "The way Rihanna embodies being a sexual woman feels very 'her.' I don’t think she wears Swarovski crystals to please other people. I think she wears them because she’s like: 'I feel amazing. You better look. I’m obviously the best-looking thing in this room.' She’s so fearless and confident. I just love her."

"People should stop worrying about their daughters," she continued. "I don’t see a female without clothing as a terrible influence. There are worse things. Shooting people. Glorifying violence …"

It's clear Lorde has her priorities straight, and hits the nail right on the head when explaining the appeal of great artists presenting their authentic selves. As for now, she's aiming at bringing more of her own unique work to the world in a second album:

"I’m super-excited to be writing it, having done so much stuff in such a short space of time," she said. "I’ve got so many things to talk about!"

And we obviously can't wait to hear them.



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