06/27/2014 01:47 pm ET Updated Jun 27, 2014

10 Surprisingly Stylish Outdoor Decor Upgrades For Under $50

While you might have ignored your outdoor area (be it backyard, patio or roof deck), the summer "entertaining season" is enough to spur even the most decor-averse person into action. If you have a few patio chairs -- or a full dining set -- part of the battle is over. These budget-friendly outdoor decor accessories will refresh the rest of the space, getting you fully ready to finally have people over.

  • Add an umbrella that has the same pattern as those striped swimsuits of the 1920s.
    A must for those who wish they were lounging in the Riviera with the Fitzgeralds and other 'Lost Generation' personalities. RAMSÖ umbrella (in red or blue), $14.99, IKEA.
  • Candleholders turn discount pillars into lovely "mood lighting."
    TJ Maxx
    Especially good for those of us who have too many candles hanging around their home, anyway. Candleholders, $9.99 each, from TJ Maxx stores.
  • A nice pillow makes that "vintage" aluminum deck chair look so much better.
    TJ Maxx
    Bring it inside and boom, instant sofa makeover. Floral pillow, $19.99, from TJ Maxx stores.
  • Upgrade your BBQ dinner with a nautical table runner.
    Table runners are slightly heavier than tablecloths, so they're less likely to billow in the breeze. Anchor Table Runner, $16.99, from Marshalls stores.
  • Ceramic pots make even the saddest container plant look...well, not sad.
    TJ Maxx
    You can also use planters to hold utensils or snacks (just line the pot first). Ceramic pots, $12.99-$29.99, from TJ Maxx stores.
  • Why bother with bulbs when you can light a walkway with FIRE?
    If there's one advantage to being a homeowner, it's the ability to add torches to your outdoor decor. Fire Sense 2-Pack Tivoli 77-inch Polished Aluminum Metal Fire Torch, $45, from Lowe's.
  • Clear string lights really go with anything.
    The round glass shades also add a little more style than the traditional "Christmas"-style string lights. Room Essentials Clear Globe Lights, $14.99, from Target.
  • A mobile can add a little glimpse of color in a sun-bleached backyard.
    Kind of like having a chandelier in your porch, gazebo or tree. "Glass Raindrops" Kinetic Hanging Mobile, $31.99, from Target (online only).
  • This beverage tub combo is for those of us who always like a cold drink nearby.
    Home Depot
    Especially handy for those who entertain and are tired of answering the question "Where are the drinks?" Geranium Beverage Tub With Tray On Stand, $39, Home Depot (online only).
  • An outdoor rug will save your patio (and hide the weird stain left behind from last summer).
    Home Decorators Collection
    You can also use this indoors, particularly in high-traffic areas. Just hose it off and it's clean. Kastoria Area Rug in Blue, $47 for a 4'x5'7" rug, Home Decorators Collection.