06/27/2014 07:50 am ET

The Power Of Play (LIVESTREAM)

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We know that sports and exercise are essential for bodies and minds that are still developing, building not only muscle power and better coordination, but confidence, focus, creativity and teamwork. We also know that youth aren’t getting the physical activity they need -- school gym classes and recess have been cut in the U.S., technology is pulling people inside and poverty and terror are curtailing active living around the world. What impact will all that have on the leadership capacity of the next generation? What will it mean for productivity, the capacity to learn and global health? Director of the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center Angela Diaz, Co-Founder of Adventure Forward Asa Firestone, North America Executive Director of Access to Sport Caitlin Morris and retired professional snowboarder and founder and chairman of the Chris Klug Foundation discuss these topics in a session led by ESPN reporter and Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Sports and Society program Tom Farrey.


Tom Farrey, Reporter, ESPN and the Sports and Society Program Executive Director, the Aspen Institute

Special Guests:

Angela Diaz, Director, Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center

Asa Firestone, Co-Founder, Adventure Forward

Caitlin Morris, North America Executive Director, Access to Sport

Chris Klug, retired professional snowboarder, Founder and Chairman, Chris Klug Foundation