06/30/2014 10:03 am ET Updated Jun 30, 2014

7 Reasons To Have More Sex After 50

Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy via Getty Images

Twenty-one-year-old actress and singer Miley Cyrus made headlines when she told Today show coanchor Matt Lauer that people over 40 stop having sex. The truth is, almost 75 percent of men and women ages 57 to 64 are sexually active, and more than half of those 65 to 74 are.

Long after baby making ceases to be an incentive to mate, "the release of endorphins and neurotransmitters, the physical sensations, and the intimacy and connection that occur with sexual activity result in pleasure," says Northwestern University gynecologist Lauren Streicher, author of Love Sex Again. Lucky us.

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