06/30/2014 02:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Man Rides On Back Of Moving Car (VIDEO)

It's a sight that Brenda Cruz will never forget: A man clinging to the back of a fast-moving white sedan speeding past her on Interstate 77.

Cruz and her family were driving near Charlotte, North Carolina, on Saturday when the car with the man came speeding past at around 50 mph.

"All of a sudden the kids say, 'There's someone on top of the car on the trunk,’ and I'm like, 'What?'" she told WSOC-TV. "I said, 'Let me get my phone and start recording.'"

man on car

Cruz also called 911 and spoke with state troopers, who took the license plate information.

As they watched, the man on the back of the car somehow managed to shatter the rear windshield and climb inside the vehicle, which was being driven by a woman. There was a child in a car seat inside.

Several other commuters reported the incident, but the sedan was gone by the time police arrived on the scene.

Authorities think the driver and person on the back of the car know each other, but they can't be sure until they track them down, according to WNCT TV.

WATCH: Raw Video

(h/t: Barstool Sports)

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