07/01/2014 01:17 pm ET Updated Jul 01, 2014

Men Swim Through Floodwater To Save Foxes From Drowning

Raging waters were no match for two determined swimmers in Canada.

Farm owner Colin Graham has watched a family of foxes roam his Saskatchewan property for the past several months. When flooding hit the province Sunday, he noticed one of the young ones was stranded on a rock surrounded by water. So Graham and his friend, Jordan Olson, did the only thing they could think of: They jumped into the floodwater to save the foxes, CBC News reports.

"[They] have been sitting out on this rock pile near our house for all spring," Graham told the Canadian news outlet. "My sister wondered what happened to the foxes, so we drove out there and there was just one rock sticking out of the top of the water."

Only one of the foxes was visible in the estimated 8 feet of water, but both Graham and Olson swam out into the flooded field to see if there were any more stranded.

Bystander Derek Roeher shared photos of two men swimming through floodwater to save the foxes.

Roeher added that his friends found two foxes among the pile of nearly submerged rocks.

Storm chaser Sean Schofer of TVNweather also commended the two for rescuing the furry critters.

Though some commenters joined in to applaud Graham and Olson for the daring rescue, others criticized them for diving into the dangerous waters for wild animals. As the National Weather Service notes, merely 6 inches of fast-moving floodwater could knock someone off their feet.

Saskatchewan was overwhelmed with floodwater this week after heavy rainfall caused flash flooding in the southeastern region. By Monday, several highways were closed and a state of emergency was declared in many communities.



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