07/01/2014 01:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Poor Boy's 'Sneaky' Trick Teaches Us Everything We Need To Know About Giving Charity

When a poor Indian boy found a 50 Rupee bill, he at first dreamed of splurging on ice cream cones, as any kid his age likely would.

But in the short film, produced by the Naik Foundation -- a nonprofit that serves marginalized people in India -- a twist of fate urged the kid to reconsider how to spend the money.

After seeing a local boy knock over a shopkeeper’s glassware, and the shopkeeper return his soccer ball instead of getting angry, the Indian boy realized how much kindness his good fortune could bring to the world.

The nonprofit released the film last year in anticipation of the country’s Joy of Giving Week, a seven-day long event in October that promotes acts of giving through donating time and money.

While it may be a few more months before the philanthropic initiative comes around again, this is a lesson we can definitely all incorporate into our lives every day.

h/t Faithit

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